Hello there!

My name is Henry.

I build cool things.

I've designed single page apps, laid out APIs, created backend services, developed ETL pipelines, managed deployment and continuous integration systems, set up databases, debugged distributed applications, and everything in between. Take a look at what I've been doing. If anything interests you, let me know! I'm always glad to discuss the details of my projects.

What I Do

I am currently living in San Francisco, California. I enjoy life in the city, and am always looking for cool things to do and discover.
I love learning new things. I am excited by new technology, and find a way to fit it into my toolbox. I strive to make that toolbox bigger everyday. Other than coding, I'm also into design, photography, DJing, and so much more. I'm an enthusiast about everything.
Have a cool idea, need a helping hand, want to talk about a project, or just want to grab a coffee and chat? Get in touch! (I'm serious, I need more excuses to get coffee!)